Go for k-to- 12

K-12 is the best period for learning Basic Education in our country, Philippines under the administration of President Benigno Simeon Aquino III.

With the advent of K-12 program, many students view education in the Philippines as difficult, time consuming and financially challenging. This is indeed true, as has been stated in one of the study of Manalo (2012), K-12 is something that cannot be done quickly but which instead requires a long period to complete.

In this page, we will be talking about the main issue of this program and  what are the possible solutions that will be addressed to those people who finds K-12 program as burden with regards to their financial needs at the same time the advantage of this when applying for a job outside the country.

Oftentimes we heard of a news relating to the case of a job mismatched, this usually happens when a person find a job abroad. Unfortunately the coarse that s/he tool up in our country will not be the same period of acquiring them in the other country. There might be a light difference on it, as to how each country implemented there education system. As of the case in our country, 5 years ago we have been through the Basic Education Curriculum in which graduates of the said curriculum experience this events. However, the K-12 program that includes 6 years of primary education, 4 years of Junior High school, and 2 years of Senior High school (CHED Memorandum,order No.20,s 2013). But we cannot deny the fact that there are some people who find K-12 as a burden, since it demands higher tuition fees. According to the Kabataan League of the Philippines (KBP), they are going to ask President Rodrigo Duterte and Secretary of Education, Brionesto heed the demand of K-12 otherwise stop it. This push us to make a petition in this issue to let other people know that education is the key to success. We might find this program as a burden but later on we can still benefit from it.

What are the Reasons why do we need to have K-12 as an Education System?

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of implementing K-12?




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